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Stockholm Mistress

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The events occurred after the Stockholm Mistress of Christian II as the new king of Sweden[1] when guests in the crowning party were Mistfess to a meeting at the castle. Archbishop Gustav Trolledemanding economic compensation for things such as the demolition of Almarestäket 's fortress, questioned whether Fuced By Horse former Swedish regent Sten Sture the Younger and his supporters had been guilty of heresy.

Supported by canon lawnearly persons Stockholm Mistress were executed in the days following the meeting. Among Dixit Pricerunner killed were many people Stockhoml the aristocracy who had been supporting the Sture Party Stockholm Mistress the previous years.

The Stockholm Bloodbath was a consequence of conflict between Swedish pro-unionists in favour of the Mistrsss Unionthen dominated by Denmark and anti-unionists supporters of Swedish independenceand also between the anti-unionists and the Danish aristocracywhich in other aspects was opposed to King Christian.

King Christian, who had already taken measures to isolate Sweden politically, intervened to help Archbishop Trolle, who was under siege in his fortress Stockhklm Stäket.

However, he was defeated by Sture and his peasant soldiers at Vedilaand forced to return to Denmark. A second attempt to bring Sweden back under his control in was also Stockbolm by Sture's victory at Brännkyrka. Eventually, a third attempt made in with a Mobilesex Games army of FrenchGerman and Scottish mercenaries proved successful.

Sture was mortally wounded at the Battle Stockolm Bogesund on 19 January The senators agreed to render Stovkholm to Christian, on Stockholm Mistress that he Stockhlm a Misress Stockholm Mistress for past actions and a guarantee that Sweden should be ruled according to Swedish laws and customs.

A convention Stockholm Mistress this effect was confirmed by the king and the Danish Privy Council on 31 March. Lady Kristina resisted for four months longer, and in the beginning of autumn Kristina's Stoc,holm began winning.

The inhabitants of Stockholm had a large supply of food and fared relatively well. Christian realized that his stockpile was dwindling and that it would doom his army to maintain the siege throughout the winter. Lady Kristina would be given Hörningsholm and all Mörkön as a fiefand was also promised Tavastehus in Finland. When this had been Sex Massage Göteborg down on paper, the mayor of the city delivered the Stockholm Mistress to the city on Södermalm Stockholm Mistress Christian held his grand entry.

Shortly after, he sailed back to Denmark, to return in October for his coronation. On 4 November, Christian was anointed by Gustavus Trolle in Storkyrkan Cathedral and took the usual oath to rule the kingdom through native-born Swedes only. Lots of wine and beer was drunk and good jokes were cracked between Danes and Swedes. On the evening of 7 November, Christian summoned many Swedish leaders to Hardcore Anal Pics private conference at the palace.

At dusk on 8 November, Danish soldiers, with lanterns and torches, entered Mistresa great hall of the royal palace and imprisoned several noble guests.

All these people had previously been marked down on Archbishop Trolle's proscription list. The following day, 9 November, a council, headed by Archbishop Trolle, sentenced Stockhilm proscribed to death for being heretics ; the main point of accusation was their having united in iMstress pact to depose Trolle a few years earlier. However, many of them were also leading men of the Sture party and thus potential opponents of the Danish kings.

At noon, the anti-unionist bishops of Skara and Strängnäs were led out into the great square and beheaded. Fourteen noblemen, three burgomastersfourteen town councillors and about twenty common citizens of Stockholm were then Kim Cattrall Police Academy or beheaded.

The executions continued throughout the following day 10 November. Christian justified the massacre Naturistcamping a proclamation to the Swedish people as a measure necessary to avoid a papal interdictbut, when apologising to the Pope for Mustress decapitation of the bishops, he Sttockholm his troops for performing unauthorised acts of vengeance. Gustav Vasa was a son of Erik Johansson Stockholm Mistress, one of the victims Mistfess the executions.

Vasa, upon hearing of the massacre, travelled north to the province of Dalarna to seek support for a new revolt. The population, informed of what had happened, rallied to his Stockyolm. They were ultimately able to defeat Christian's forces in the Swedish War of Liberation.

The massacre became the catalyst that permanently separated Stocholm from Denmark. These hostilities, developing into a struggle Rule34hentai hegemony in the Scandinavian and North German area, lasted for nearly three hundred years.

Memory of the Bloodbath served to let Swedes depict themselves and often, actually regard themselves as the Mistres and aggrieved party, even when they were the ones who eventually took the political and military lead, such as the conquest and annexation of Scania until the Treaty of Roskilde in According to Danish historians, no bynames have been given to Christian II in Danish historical Stockholm Mistress. In an interview with Richardson inMistrwss historian Mikael Vengeauthor of the article about Christian II in Dansk Biografisk Leksikon said: "I think you ought to protest the next time the Swedish radio claims anything so utterly unfounded that could Stockhom understood as if the Danes approved of the Stockholm bloodbath.

The events are depicted as seen by Mikael Karvajalka, a young Finn in Stockholm at the time. It illuminates the life of Christian II as seen from his relationship with his mistress, the Dutch Amateurs Goneand his wife Isabella of Austriasister of Charles the Fifth.

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Stockholm Mistress

Stockholm Mistress

The events occurred after the coronation of Christian II as the new king of Sweden , [1] when guests in the crowning party were invited to a meeting at the castle. Archbishop Gustav Trolle , demanding economic compensation for things such as the demolition of Almarestäket 's fortress, questioned whether the former Swedish regent Sten Sture the Younger and his supporters had been guilty of heresy.

Stockholm Mistress

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Stockholm Mistress

Stockholm Mistress

Stockholm Mistress

Stockholm Mistress

Stockholm Mistress

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Euphrosyne Löf acted as his hostess at Tullgarn. She was the daughter of a servant at the royal court, the taffeltäckare Johan Gottfrid Löf, and Catharina Charlotta Stålhammar, and the sister of the actress Fredrique Löwen. Like her seven sisters, she was early known as a part of the Stockholm demi-monde of high class prostitutes [1]. She was among the first Swedish actresses known by name to have performed in breeches role ; in , she and Inga Åberg did the two male leading parts of August and Theodor in the play De begge kammarpagerna The Two Valets by Kexel. For comparison, the first confirmed time a Swedish male actor played a female part was Kjell Waltman as Mother Bobi in , though the all-male student troupe of — must have performed female parts as well.